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IT cabinet

Basic Features

Provide multiple cabinet sizes and components for flexible configuration according to different application requirements.

Welding frame, combined structural design, lightweight, sturdy, and flexible.

◆ Tool free installation of top cover, multiple cable entrances, and convenient access for a large number of cables; Customizable opening brush sealing can effectively prevent foreign objects and dust from entering the cabinet.

Two installation cable racks are standard at the rear of the cabinet, making it easy to organize cables and install equipment such as PDUs.

Embedded side door, tool free installation and disassembly, optional with lock and anti disassembly design, quick tool free disassembly in front and back, and left and right interchangeability, with an opening angle of 130 for easy equipment installation and maintenance.

◆ Advanced revolving door handle, all front and rear door lock keys of the whole KJ series can be opened; Comes with built-in cabinet components.

◆ Complete accessories, equipped with snap nut fixing tools.

Equipped with adjustable movable legs, the maximum static load can reach 1800kg.