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NetAgent II Single Node Monitoring Adapter

The NetAgentII product of 3Port not only has the function of SNMP card, but also can be connected to the environment detection product NetFeelerLite to obtain temperature/temperature/smoke/fire information of this environment at any time, and display this information on the NetAgent's webpage at any time. NetAgentII will also send detected environmental abnormalities to management personnel via email and SMS at any time. BT705 is a product of the NetAgentII series, 3Port, external, in Simplified Chinese language. Cooperate with an environmental monitoring host to monitor the UPS in the computer room and the surrounding temperature, humidity, floods, and other safety conditions. You can also connect to GSMModem to send SMS notifications.

Basic Features

★ Provide SNMP MIB to monitor UPS status;

★ Automatically detect and convert the network speed of 10M/100M Fast Ethernet;

★ Various functions can be set through Telnet, Web Browser, or NMS;

★ Support TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, Telnet, SNTP, PPP, HTTP, SMTP and other protocols;

★ Provide a simple installation and update tool (Netility) suitable for MS Windows, eliminating the need for time-consuming RS232 traditional settings;

When there is an abnormality in the power supply, SNMP TRAP and email will be sent simultaneously to notify the management personnel;

★ It can be set to send UPS daily history records via email;

★ It can be set to send UPS related warning information through mobile SMS;

★ It can be paired with shutdown software to protect the safe archiving and shutdown of the computer system;

★ It can be connected to the NetFeeler II environment detection system externally, as well as to the Modem. When using a wireless network dedicated line, it can also be accessed through dial-up mode;

★ Simple installation, powerful functions, and cost saving. Can achieve centralized monitoring function of 1 SNMP card+1 channel temperature and humidity+7 dry contacts

Introduction to Related Products

1. NetFeeler II

NetFeeler II can detect changes in temperature, humidity, and water level.

●When any sensor releases a signal (i.e. reaches the preset alarm value), the NetFeeler II alarm will sound a beep alarm. It can also set when an alarm occurs and send an email to the preset email address through BT705 (3-port mode). When connected to BT705, users can use a standard browser to obtain feedback on the data and status it detects (including temperature, humidity, and water level) through the internet

●The NetFeeler II host has centralized temperature, humidity, and flood detection, and can expand wireless access control, wireless smoke sensing, and more. Access control can support 7 channels, and smoke can support 1 channel. Access control and smoke detectors can be purchased separately.

●In addition, according to customer needs, NetFeeler II can also replace the original shorter flood detection line (about 2m) with an extension line up to 50m long. Moreover, multiple gaps can be made on the extension line to achieve multi-point flood monitoring.

★ Built in sensors to detect changes in ambient temperature and humidity

★ Built in wireless RF receiving module

★ Expandable wireless door and window switch sensor can detect unauthorized intrusion

★ Expandable wireless smoke sensor/home appliance gas leakage sensor can detect smoke/gas and generate warning messages

★ Expandable glass breakage detector can serve as a perimeter protection alarm

★ Protectable infrared anti-theft fence can identify illegal intruders and immediately report to the police

★ Expandable wireless infrared detector can detect unauthorized intrusion within the warning range

2. GPRS Modem

GPRS Modem is connected to NetAgent II, and users can select relevant events on the NetAgent II web interface. When an event occurs, a SMS notification will be sent to the designated mobile phone.

3. Passive Infrared ("PIR") sensor

Passive infrared (PIR) sensors are typically used to cover an area for detection. Its alarm triggering condition is a sudden change in temperature within the detection range.

4. Wireless door and window sensor

● Use wireless door and window sensors to monitor the front door, balcony door, and windows. If there is any damage or intrusion, the sensor will send a signal to Netfeeler II, which will sound an alarm with Netfeeler II.

5. Wireless glass breakage sensor

●The wireless glass breakage sensor is used to prevent illegal entry by breaking the glass of doors and windows. Sensors are installed on walls or ceilings close to doors and windows. Once the glass is broken, Netfeeler 2 will immediately alarm.

6. Wireless smoke and gas leakage sensors

●The wireless smoke sensor is used to detect smoke, and if smoke is detected, it will emit a continuous and loud buzzing alarm sound.

●Wireless gas leakage sensors are used to detect leaks of gas, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas. When a leak is detected, it will sound an alarm.