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SNMP network remote monitoring card

Basic Features

★ NetAgent's new generation of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) network monitoring technology product not only allows remote control of UPS to know the actual status of UPS, but also adds more required protocols and functions; For example, the NetAgent II-3Ports version can also be used to connect to the "environmental monitoring system" to detect temperature, humidity, water accumulation, etc. in the computer room. It can also be connected to a wireless gas detector to detect gas and smoke, and a wireless door and window detector to manage the security of doors and windows.

This product is suitable for UPS with two communication interfaces: "dry contact" and "RS232". The built-in protocols include dry contact, RS232 [Megtech Protocol], RS232 [Feirui Protocol], SEC 2400, SEC 9600, 3-phase protocol, and multiple mainstream UPS brand protocols.

★ NetAgent provides a very simple installation program. Simply install the NetAgent Utility CD included with this product on an MS-Windows computer to set the IP location of this NetAgent card. All other settings can be set in an internet browser.

★ NetAgent also provides shutdown programs for different operating systems, which can issue shutdown commands in different situations, including major errors, UPS low power conditions, UPS overload, UPS exceeding operating temperature, and periodic shutdowns. Users can set these shutdown events themselves, and this shutdown software can automatically shut down the system in sequence to avoid abnormal shutdowns of clients or servers.

Main functions:

★ Provide SNMP MIB to monitor UPS status.

★ Automatically detect and convert the network speed of 10M/100M Fast Ethernet.

★ Various functions can be set through Telnet, Web Browser, or NMS.

★ Supports protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, Telnet, SNTP, PPP, HTTP, SMTP, etc.

★ Provide a simple installation and update tool (Netility) suitable for MS-Windows, eliminating the need for time-consuming RS232 traditional settings.

When there is an abnormality in the power supply, SNMP TRAP and email will be sent