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UPSilon2000 monitor software

Basic Features

UPSilon2000 is a monitoring software suitable for RS-232 intelligent UPS. When the power supply is normal, UPSilon2000 can clearly display the real-time status of UPS output and input voltage, frequency, load, temperature, and battery capacity through data and graphics, helping users monitor the quality of power supply. At the same time, it can also remotely monitor UPS through the internet, allowing users to manage power more efficiently without space constraints; When the power supply is interrupted or the UPS battery is at a low potential, UPSilon2000 can fully utilize its unmanned monitoring function. In addition to accurately achieving automatic safe storage and system shutdown functions, it also adds multi-directional automatic alarm transmission functions, including automatic dialing to send alarm signals from pagers, and email transmission of alarm signals. Users not only do not need to worry about sudden interruption of the power supply, and it will cause any system or file loss, and necessary contingency measures can be taken as soon as possible.