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Dual row micro module (cold channel)

Basic Features

The closed cold channel system module in data centers achieves green energy conservation through closed cold channels, which is an effective way to solve the cooling problem of high heat density cabinets in data centers. On the premise of the same cooling effect, compared to traditional open cold and hot channels, the air supply volume of indoor air conditioning fans in closed cold channels is 60% of that of traditional open channels, which means that the power consumption in closed cold channels is 60% of that of traditional open channels, which can achieve energy savings of over 40%.

The cold channel solution is a response to the emergence of "energy-saving and emission reduction in computer rooms, promoting green new computer rooms". It is mainly used in IDC data center computer rooms with large heat dissipation, achieving precise air supply. Composed of two columns of cabinet matrices. The traditional computer room's air conditioning cannot be effectively controlled, and the cold (source) is disorderly, resulting in uneven cooling and heating in the computer room and the generation of local hotspots. The cold channel cabinet will transport the cold air inside the cabinet in a very economical and effective way to the heat dissipation equipment, and the heat inside the cabinet will be transported out of the cabinet along the designated direction.

Basic characteristics

Appearance and structure



◆ The structure is firm, reliable, and safe.

Design a reasonable wiring space to meet the cable management needs in the cold channel.

◆ Tight coordination ensures the gas organization in the sealed cold channel.

Lighting system

◆ LED cold light source illumination lamp.

RGB three primary color LED ambient light, reflecting the temperature environment status in the cold channel through different color lights.

Fire linkage skylight

Unit design, independent installation, able to connect with adjacent units, without gaps or leaks, ensuring the gas organization in the sealed cold channel.

◆ Through window magnetic control, fire linkage is achieved, and the movable skylight accounts for over 60% of the total area of the cold channel.