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Netion Micro's modular computer room once again empowers medical digitalization and intelligence: Serving the First People's Hospital of a certain city

roject of the First People's Hospital of a certain city has successfully passed the expert group acceptance and received unanimous praise from users. It will provide highly reliable power guarantee for its "Internet + Medical Health" information platform, and help its data center's digital and intelligent management level and efficiency.The hospital is a directly affiliated hospital of a certain medical college and one of the four provincial regional medical centers in the province. Founded in 1970, it is a national tertiary-level A-class comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, rehabilitation, prevention and health care in the border areas of Hunan, Guizhou, Hubei, Guangxi and Chongqing.The hospital currently has 2,542 employees, 13 doctors and 401 masters, covers an area of 126 acres, has 3,000 open beds, and an annual outpatient and emergency volume of more than 1.4 million people. Critical Care Medicine and Orthopedics are national clinical key specialty support cultivation projects, and Infectious Diseases and Neurosurgery are national clinical key specialty promotion cultivation projects. It has 4 provincial key clinical specialties; 6 municipal and prefectural key clinical specialties; 9 provincial key clinical specialties construction projects; 3 municipal and prefectural key clinical specialties construction projects. It is a national health management demonstration base, a national advanced stroke center, a national standardized chest pain center, a provincial stroke center and chest pain center, and a provincial low-altitude (helicopter) health emergency rescue base. The comprehensive diagnosis and treatment strength of the hospital ranks among the top in the province.The hospital vigorously promotes Internet + medical health online, realizes chronic disease follow-up in the "cloud clinic" and delivers medicine to home; offline promotes medical insurance electronic certificates, opens medical insurance mobile payment functions, and realizes cross-provincial and off-site outpatient settlement. It is the first hospital in the province to realize the full-scene and full-process face-swiping medical service of medical insurance electronic certificates. At the same time, the medical records are paperless and the medical order and medical record system is integrated. It is the first national medical and health information interconnection and interoperability standardization maturity "four-level A" and safety level 3 hospital in the city.The hospital always adheres to the principle of "people first, life first", and strives to promote the high-quality development of the hospital and run a people-satisfied hospital as the starting point, serving the "Five New and Four Cities", actively promoting the construction of provincial regional medical centers, and closely focusing on the hospital's "Three New and Five Hospitals" development goals to meet the people's growing health needs!The hospital actively explores and vigorously promotes "Internet + Medical Health", including key measures such as promoting "integrated" shared services, "one-code" integrated services, "one-stop" settlement services, "one-network" government services, and "one-game" anti-epidemic services, smart medical service processes, and promoting regional information sharing and mutual recognition. The innovative development and application of new generation information technology in the medical and health industry have given birth to the update process of the hospital data center.In line with the development trend of the market, Netionstands at the forefront of technology, and takes professionalism and innovation as its market strategy. In 2013, it started to develop and carefully plan the field of data center infrastructure. In response to the needs of different industries and application environments, it has developed several application scenarios that integrate large, medium and small data centers, and has been widely used in various industries.▲Product IntroductionNetiondouble-row micro-module is a highly integrated solution for data center construction. A single module can include five major systems, including cabinets, cold channels, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, and intelligent management. One module can meet all the basic conditions for the stable operation of IT loads. The micro-module is mainly double-row cold channels, but it can also be made into a single row or hot channel. The micro-module can support any cabinet position and adapt to different on-site conditions. The system adopts row-level near-end cooling, which can provide increased return air temperature and further reduce PUE.▲Application Scope●Government/IDC/Finance/Education/Operator●Big Data & Internet▲Product Features●Factory prefabrication, fast on-site splicing, plug-and-play, and fast deployment and delivery.●Integrated UPS power supply and distribution solution, simpler layout and more space-saving.●Skylights and end doors are installed directly on the cabinet to save user space; skylights open automatically and reset manually. The end door can be selected as automatic or manual according to needs, with access control and camera video surveillance, linked with the fire protection system, and can respond quickly in case of fire.● On-demand configuration can save investment in the computer room and reduce costs.● Can be smoothly upgraded from cold channel to micromodule, and the power supply capacity can be flexibly upgraded according to load conditions. ● Adopt inter-row air conditioning group control linkage, on the basis of increasing the return air temperature and completely isolating the hot and cold air, further reduce the air conditioning energy consumption.● Avoid local hot spots, reduce cold dissipation, and reduce PUE value....

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    Netion double-row micro-module computer room serves Yangquan Normal University

    ormation project of Yangquan Normal University has successfully passed the expert group acceptance and received unanimous praise from users. It will greatly improve the digital and intelligent management level and efficiency of the college's data center.Yangquan Normal University is a public full-time college approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.Yangquan Normal University was founded in March 2010. The school was formerly known as Shanxi Pingding Normal School established in February 1949 and Yangquan Education College established in September 1988. In 1989, Shanxi Special Education Normal School was established at the same site as Shanxi Pingding Normal School. The two schools jointly operated and implemented the school-running model of "one set of institutions, two school signs, and co-location".According to the school's official website in April 2023, the school covers an area of 201,500 square meters and a building area of 111,500 square meters; it has 8 teaching departments and 22 junior college majors; there are 7,471 students, 294 faculty and staff, and 210 full-time teachers; the library has more than 240,000 paper books and more than 170,000 electronic books.The school has one key support major for higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Finance), 9 1+X certificate pilot projects, 1 teaching resource library for special education majors in vocational education of the Ministry of Education (participation), 2 projects for improving the development capacity of professional service industries in higher vocational schools in Shanxi Province, and 1 high-level training base in Shanxi Province. It has 146 on-campus experimental training rooms and 88 off-campus internship training sites. It is a normal school with a long history in Shanxi Province, and has trained a large number of excellent teaching talents for Shanxi Province, especially Yangquan.With the continuous development of information technology, educational informatization has become an important trend in the field of education today. At present, educational informatization around the world has entered a stage of comprehensive promotion and rapid development. Educational informatization is an important means to promote educational modernization, and its purpose is to improve teaching efficiency, improve teaching quality, and promote the comprehensive development of students' comprehensive qualities.The Yangquan Normal University Educational Informatization Renovation Project is supported by information technology and intends to achieve efficient, convenient and personalized education through the integration and optimization of educational processes, educational resources, and educational management.In line with the development and trend of the market, Netionstands at the forefront of technology and takes professionalism and innovation as its market strategy. As early as 2013, it has carried out forward-looking research and development and carefully laid out the field of data center infrastructure. In response to the needs of different industries and application environments, it has developed a variety of solutions that integrate large, medium and small data center application scenarios, and has been widely used in various industries.▲Product IntroductionNetiondouble-row micro-module is a highly integrated solution for data center construction. A single module can include five major systems, including cabinets, cold channels, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, and intelligent management. One module can meet all the basic conditions for the stable operation of IT loads. The micro-module is mainly double-row cold channels, but it can also be made into a single row or hot channel. The micro-module can support any cabinet position and adapt to different on-site conditions. The system adopts row-level near-end cooling, which can provide increased return air temperature and further reduce PUE.▲Application Scope●Government/IDC/Finance/Education/Operator.●Big Data & Internet.▲Product Features●Factory prefabrication, fast on-site splicing, plug-and-play, and fast deployment and delivery.●Skylights and end doors are installed directly on the cabinet to save user space. UPS, power distribution, and air conditioning use the same size, with a simple layout and space saving. The skylight opens automatically and is reset manually. The end door can be selected automatically or manually as needed. There are access control and camera video surveillance, which is linked to the fire protection system and can respond quickly in case of fire.● On-demand configuration can save investment in the computer room and reduce costs.● It can be smoothly upgraded from the cold channel to the micromodule, and the power supply capacity can be flexibly upgraded according to the load conditions.● The use of inter-row air conditioning can increase the return air temperature, completely isolate the hot and cold air, and reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning.● Avoid local hot spots, reduce cold dissipation, and reduce PUE value....

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    Netion Industrial UPS provides power guarantee for innovative drug production base

    arameters, and careful screening of cost-effectiveness, service simplicity, and the feasibility of the overall service process, Netion's customized industrial UPS solution successfully won the bid for my country's innovative drug demonstration base-Shandong Innovative Drug Industrial Base. With the official commissioning of batches of customized equipment, NetionCPG series 600kVA industrial UPS will provide reliable power protection for its precision equipment and instruments. Netionhas been focusing on power supply, power electronics and new energy power conversion for more than 20 years, and will use this as a driving force to make its best efforts to contribute to the rise of the manufacturing industry.In recent years, the country has successively issued a series of laws and policies to regulate and promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry, and the CRO industry has shown an unprecedented good development trend. A series of policies have proposed encouragement and support for the pharmaceutical research and development industry, providing a good policy environment for the development of CRO companies.In my country's pharmaceutical terminal market, the market size of generic drugs accounts for more than 60%. The market size of generic drugs is huge, and accordingly, the demand for generic drug R&D services is also very huge. In addition, with the arrival of the global drug "patent cliff" and the drive of various policies such as MAH, the generic drug market continues to expand. In the future, the scale of the domestic pharmaceutical R&D service market will continue to grow significantly, and the pharmaceutical R&D service industry has huge market development space.With the substantial increase in the proportion of generic drug CRO business, Shandong Innovation, as the main contractor of CRO pharmaceutical R&D services, has gradually become a bottleneck for the company's rapid development in the office and test sites of Jinan Pharmaceutical Valley.This project will build a domestic advanced pharmaceutical research service base, as well as GMP workshops and supporting facilities for process validation, amplification and preparation production. After the project is completed, the company will introduce a series of precision R&D instruments and equipment to enhance the company's comprehensive capabilities in the field of pharmaceutical research services and accelerate the rapid transformation of R&D results. It can not only expand the scale of the R&D base, improve the supporting conditions and environment for R&D, but also meet the growing R&D needs of customers.Configuration highlights of this case:● Input and output bypass triple isolation, realize full isolation of load and power supply end, sudden load, interference and zero ground problems are fundamentally solved, and at the same time, equipment and personnel safety can be guaranteed at a high level.● Strong impact resistance, super adaptability to repeated start and stop inductive loads.● Overload capacity is greatly improved, 200% load runs for 15 minutes.● Industrial-grade system protection design, circuit board adopts special three-proof spraying process, standard dust filter, has super environmental adaptability, such as high humidity, dust, corrosion, etc., and also improves the reliability of the product.● Modular structure, components are placed in a closed device, maintenance is simple and fast.● After authorization, multiple parameters are adjustable and controllable.● Speed-adjustable smart fan, natural wind speed, easy to replace.● Perfect high-frequency silent technology, worry-free working environment.● Input power factor is as high as 95%, energy-saving and efficient, greatly saving users' use costs.●Ultra-high precision voltage output: rated value accuracy <±0.5V; instantaneous change value when equipment starts and stops <±2V, response recovery time <2ms....

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    Netion Micro's modular data center is stationed in a city's emergency command center

    ally put into use in a certain city's emergency command center.The city's emergency command center was built in June 1997. It undertakes the organization and coordination, dispatching and commanding, emergency disposal and emergency training tasks of social emergency medical care in all districts (cities) and counties in the city, and plays an important role in protecting the health and life safety of the people.The emergency command and dispatch system is based on the integration and utilization of the city's existing resources on the basis of the city's emergency command system, and adopts modern information and other advanced technologies to establish a highly intelligent urban emergency system that integrates communication, command and dispatch. Build an emergency command platform that combines peace and war and focuses on prevention. Realize the strategic transformation of public security from passive response to active guarantee, and from traditional experience to modern high-tech. Promote the government to improve the system and innovate the mechanism, and comprehensively improve the level of urban emergency management.There are 12 dispatch desks in the central dispatch hall. It is equipped with an 800-megabyte digital trunking system, a digital switch system, a geographic information system, a computer network management system, a large-screen display system, an LED display system, an emergency public health incident warning system, a GPS satellite positioning system and a Skynet engineering system. Direct transmission of dispatching orders and real-time flow monitoring were achieved for 24 monitoring ambulances, and information sharing was achieved for 70 network hospitals, 30 base stations at Shuangliu Airport, 120 vehicle-mounted stations, and the "110, 119, 120, 122" linkage system. The dispatching system of the city's emergency command center has reached the domestic advanced level.The importance of the emergency command system for efficient decision-making in the event of an emergency is self-evident. Through this system, the monitoring screen of the incident site and the situation of various related units such as public security, transportation, hospitals, combat command rooms, etc. can be viewed, and instructions can be issued in a timely manner through this solution, truly achieving a unified platform, unified communication, unified deployment, unified command, and unified dispatch.Netion's innovative small and medium-sized integrated computer room products are based on the design concept of "integrated computer room productization". In the physical space of the standard cabinet, it integrates functional modules such as uninterruptible power supply, refrigeration, intelligent power distribution, fire protection, environmental monitoring, and wiring management, creating a highly reliable operating environment for core equipment such as servers. It can also realize flexible deployment of the system according to the needs of user business expansion, and can be widely used in government, medical, financial, education, business, manufacturing and other fields.Features of Netionmicro-module data room:High efficiency and energy saving● The front and rear cold channels of the cabinet are closed to improve the air conditioning refrigeration efficiency.● Variable frequency compressor, matching the load size, reducing the energy consumption of the whole machine.Stable and reliable● Support N + 1/2N design to ensure the stable operation of IT equipment.● Emergency fan as emergency cooling.● Stable operation with ultra-wide voltage input, with power protection functions such as phase sequence detection.● Intelligent call self-start function.● Low temperature components or long pipe components can be selected to ensure the reliable operation of the unit under more severe on-site conditions.Fast delivery speed● Factory prefabrication, fast on-site splicing, plug and play.● Standard modular construction, easy deployment, quick commissioning, no impact on later expansion, and 50% faster delivery target speed.Intelligent control● 10-inch large touch screen local display, no U space.● Can manage UPS, air conditioning, power distribution and other intelligent equipment and temperature and humidity, smoke sensors, access control and other non-intelligent equipment.● Remote comprehensive monitoring of unmanned computer rooms through the WEB interface > Stable and reliable remote monitoring of computer rooms can achieve unmanned or less-manned operation, providing a strong guarantee for efficient management and safe operation of computer rooms.Flexible and diverse● The cabinet is the computer room, which can be flexibly placed.● Standard hot and cold channel double closure, cold channel single closure is also available....

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    Netion Medical UPS helps Nanjing Second Hospital

    CP400kVA UPS power supply and Netion's self-produced nano-colloidal battery pack successfully won the bid for the Nanjing Second Hospital Medical Alliance Upgrading Project and will be used for its information platform and Critical medical equipment provides highly reliable power protection.Nanjing Second Hospital, also known as Nanjing Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing Second Clinical College of Xuzhou Medical University, Nanjing Cancer Hospital, is the teaching base of Nanjing University and Southeast University. Founded in 1933, it is a tertiary-level hospital that integrates medical care, teaching, scientific research, and prevention, and is characterized by "refined specialties, strong comprehensiveness, emphasis on prevention and treatment, and emergency response".The hospital is a national-level standardized training base for resident doctors. In the past five years, the hospital has established more than 100 vertical scientific research projects, 6 National Natural Science Foundation projects, won 20 provincial and municipal scientific research achievement awards in the past five years, published more than 600 papers in SCI and core and statistical source journals, and compiled or He has participated in the editing of more than 40 monographs and obtained more than 300 patent certificates."Sincere dedication, benefiting people's livelihood." Over the years, Nanjing Second Hospital has always adhered to the purpose of public welfare and benefiting the people and continued to improve social benefits.Actively promote the construction of medical alliances, lead 12 infectious disease hospitals in the province to establish the Jiangsu Liver Health Alliance and the Infectious Disease Specialty Alliance, and prepare to establish the city's infectious disease and tumor specialist alliance, playing a leading role in leading the province's infectious disease hospitals and related disciplines construction and development. Establish a close medical alliance with a number of community health service centers, sink advantageous comprehensive medical resources, radiate to surrounding areas, and benefit more people.Taking social responsibility as its own responsibility, it actively undertakes medical treatment tasks for previous public health emergencies, actively participates in international medical aid activities in Sierra Leone, Zanzibar and other African regions, and provides counterpart assistance to Anhui, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet and other places. Won many national advanced collective honorary titles.For many years, Netionhas devoted itself to studying the special requirements of medical scenarios for UPS power supplies. The CP series of medical UPS has made targeted technical upgrades in isolation and insulation, sudden load, shell protection, dielectric strength, EMC interference and other performance indicators, fully meeting the GB9706.1-2020 and YD/T1095-2018 standards. It has long been widely used in many medical institutions and has been well received. With the continuous advancement of medical industry technology upgrades and informatization, Netionstrives to gain more market share in professional segments.Main technical features of the product:NetionCP series UPS has high reliability, high anti-interference, high fault tolerance, lightning protection, high surge resistance, strong overload capacity, etc., with rated capacity ranging from 10 to 600kVA; this series of products can be used in parallel, hot backup or stand-alone, and is suitable for transportation, communications, electricity, medical, energy, industrial automation and other industries.● The inverter adopts full digital vector control technology with DSP, MCU and DDC real-time processing to accurately control various machine parameters and conduct comprehensive control.●Advanced IGBT combined with high-frequency pulse width modulation technology (PWM) reduces system noise and power loss, ensuring that customers can obtain high-quality voltage output and the highest efficiency under various workload conditions.●Dual conversion, pure online sine wave output, whether in mains mode or battery mode, can output low-distortion pure sine wave power, providing the best power supply guarantee for the user's load equipment.●Output isolation ensures full isolation of the load and the public power grid. For machines equipped with isolation transformers, there will be no DC component in the load, which can effectively protect the switching power supply of computers, networks and communication equipment from being damaged by DC current. At the same time, for nonlinear loads, it can also show excellent dynamic performance, improve the load capacity of the machine, and have good load compatibility.●Automatic frequency/phase synchronization function to avoid the impact of input frequency hopping on the equipment.●Complete protection function, with AC input overvoltage and undervoltage protection, output overvoltage and undervoltage protection, output overload short circuit protection, battery undervoltage warning protection, and internal overtemperature protection, which greatly ensures the stability and reliability of system operation.● The use of high-power IGBT devices makes the inverter have strong overload capacity and impact resistance, and at the same time enhances the adaptability to the power grid.● The use of turbine fan heat dissipation module design has better heat dissipation and lower temperature rise, and the system is more reliable; key components such as thyristors, power modules, bolt capacitors, etc. are all well-known imported brands.● Intelligent speed-adjustable fan, low noise and energy saving.● LCD Chinese and English liquid crystal operation interface, simple and clear, easy to manage....

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    Netion modular UPS provides high-reliability power guarantee for Xiaogan citizens’ homes

    series high-power modular UPS and multiple sets of high-power battery packs has been installed and debugged and successfully passed acceptance. With the official opening of XiaoganCitizen's Home, it will shoulder the important responsibility of providing uninterrupted power guarantee for key equipment in the IDC computer room of the Citizen's Home.Xiaogan Citizen's Home is located at No. 1, Xinqiao Road, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province (to the north of the administrative center and to the west of Huaiyin Ecological Park). It covers an area of 45 acres and has a total construction area of 57,123 square meters, including: 40,157 square meters above ground and 16,966 square meters underground. . It has 4 floors above ground and 1 floor underground, with a building height of 23.90meters and an estimated investment of 399.85 million yuan.Xiaogan Citizen's Home is a people's livelihood project integrating administrative approval, public resource transactions, news release, social and convenience services, provident fund management, community grid management, urban investment management and other functions.As the "Citizen's Home" officially welcomed guests, the Xiaogan Municipal Service Center "retired" and stopped providing external services. In comparison, the number of units stationed in the "Citizen's Home" has increased by 15 on the original basis. The 41 units with administrative approval functions in the city have achieved "must be admitted", and the number of service items has also increased to 532, and the number of service windows has increased to 236, integrating multiple functions such as administrative approval, government affairs disclosure, provident fund management, public resource transactions, urban investment and financing, public services, convenience services, news releases, grid management, etc. Xiaogan "Citizen's Home" is a service window platform that is convenient for the majority of Xiaogan citizens. It is a livelihood project that centrally handles relevant approval procedures.In addition, convenient service windows such as water, electricity, gas, communications, railways, civil aviation, and banks that are closely related to people's production and life will be appropriately arranged to facilitate the people to pay water and electricity bills while doing things.Over the years, the slogans of ‘improving the business environment’ and improving regulation are expected to be truly implemented here. High-quality development requires a high-quality business environment." Xiaogan has set up a ‘three-area’ comprehensive window in the Citizen's Home, and ‘one window’ accepts approval matters; promotes the data docking and interconnection of government service platforms, and "one network coverage" of approval matters; implements a project secretarial system to provide market entities with guidance on project approval ‘One-stop service’ throughout the entire process from completion to production; optimize the approval process, maximize work efficiency, and achieve ‘one trip at most’.Netion has been focusing on the research and development of UPS and batteries for more than 20 years, and has made breakthroughs one after another in the field of power technology and applications. Its products have repeatedly played an important role in major projects.Netion power modules range from low power 20kVA to medium and high power 100kVA. A single unit can form a 20kVA-1MVA power supply system (6 units can be paralleled). The parallel redundant system in this project not only meets the current needs, but also can It meets the expansion needs of subsequent additional equipment, greatly reduces the purchase cost, and at the same time greatly improves the reliability of the power system.The MP series modular UPS power supply is the industry's leading fully digital power supply product. It integrates the most advanced technological achievements in the field of power electronics and automatic control. It has several patents, which improves the power supply reliability, availability and maintainability of key equipment. Breakthrough improvement.Thanks to the product's excellent performance, high cost performance, and complete after-sales service system, Netion modular UPS has been widely used in data processing centers, computer rooms, telecommunications, transportation, medical, government, education, industry and other fields.Features of Netion modular UPS: ● High efficiency and energy saving The overall machine efficiency is greater than 96.5%, the input power factor is greater than 0.99, and the input current harmonics are less than 3%. ●Super generator matching ability It can be equipped with any type of generator, and the traditional 12-pulse power frequency UPS must use a generator with at least 3 times the power, while the Netion MP series UPS only needs to use a generator with 1.3 times the power, which can greatly reduce the purchase price. costs and operating costs. ●Easy to install and maintain Each power module is designed to be hot-swappable online to facilitate user installation, maintenance, upgrade and expansion. Each power module is autonomously controlled and there is no single point of failure risk. A single power module will automatically exit in the event of a failure, without affecting the work of other modules and the normal power supply of the system. ●Powerful loading capacity The MP series modular UPS power supply has excellent adaptability and can provide strong load capacity for various types of linear and non-linear loads. Each power module and cabinet system can provide load capacity comparable to any tower model, thus ensuring the application scope of this series of products in various industries. ● Friendly interfaceChinese and English touch screen, rich information, menu management, clear at a glance. It is convenient for users to operate and manage the UPS system simply and clearly....

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